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NYX Professional Makeup Sex Education 1st Base Blurring Primer,

NYX Professional Makeup Sex Education 1st Base Blurring Primer,

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    It comes from the Sex Eduction Collection, which consists of make-up cosmetics created in connection with the premiere of the third season of the series on the Netflix platform. Each of the products refers to the characters and events presented in the plot. Make-up base. inspired by the character of Ola nyman. It perfectly prolongs and provides a flawless look of makeup for many hours. It can be used alone or in combination with your favorite foundation. It has a slightly opaque smoothing consistency that minimizes the visibility of pores. In addition, the formula of the product has been enriched with a delicate pigment that evens out the skin tone and vitamin E, which protects against harmful external factors and free radicals. 

  • Make-up base.
  • Comes from te Sex Education Collection
  • Smoothes and minimizes the visibility of pores
  • Extends and ensures a flawless look of makeup.
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