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Lot of 2 Nailene Ultra Adhesive Tabs, Clear 61088

Lot of 2 Nailene Ultra Adhesive Tabs, Clear 61088

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Product Details:

A clever idea for DIY stick-on nails is the Nailene Ultra Adhesive Tabs. Normally when you buy nails you need to use the included glue – but these tabs give you an alternative.

They work like double-sided stickers, you place one on each natural nail and the fake nail goes on top. With a variety of different sizes, there is no cutting required – just stick, hold down and you’re set to go.

  • 6 sizes tabs in a package.
  • Will not damage natural nails! Up to 5 days wear guaranteed. 
  • Easy to apply & remove. 
  • Water resistant.

Review from a user about these nails:

" I tried the Nailene Ultra Adhesive Tabs recently paired with their So Natural Everyday French nails. I don’t normally use fake nails but these give you a really clean French Mani feel and are only slightly longer than my own nails. I found the adhesive tabs easy to work with and the whole process was quick and painless!" 

To Remove: 

Do not pull nails off-it could cause damage. Press down on the nail and slide the artificial nail off the natural nail. Roll adhesive off natural nails. If necessary use polish remover to remove any remaining adhesive.  

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